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How To Set Password On Document File In Windows

How To Set Password, if you’re going to put the password on any Document file in Ms-office. There is an option you can protect your file with a password in windows. you can unlock and lock word document file to protect it from opening. you can also use this method to unlock password-protected word documents.

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when you decide to keep the password on the documents. if you have confidential documentation. So let’s see how to do it.

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First, create a file and write anything

How To Set Password

Go to this location in a file,

Click on file -> info -> Permissions

protect document file

Choose Encrypt with password option,

lock word document

it will ask you to put a password.

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unlock password protected word

Click on “Ok” & Close the file & Open it again with password, As you can see below it’s asking for a password to open the file.

YouTube Link: Protect Doc

You’re done unlock password protected word lock word document password protect word document protect document file

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