How To Set Password On Document File In Windows 7

How To Set Password, if you’re going to put the password on any Document file in Ms-office. There is an option you can protect your file with a password in windows. you can unlock and lock word document file to protect it from opening. you can also use this method to unlock password-protected word documents.

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when you decide to keep the password on the documents. if you have confidential documentation. So let’s see how to do it.

How To Set Password On Document File In Windows:

We can set a password on the word document.

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First, create a file and write anything.

How To Set Password

Go to this location in a file,

Click on file -> info -> Permissions

protect document file

Choose Encrypt with password option,

lock word document

it will ask you to put a password.

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unlock password protected word

Click on “Ok” & Close the file & Open it again with password, As you can see below it’s asking for a password to open the file.

Protect PDF With Password:

Suppose, you want to protect pdf document with a password. So it’s possible. Let’s see, how to protect pdf with password.

We’ve installed the latest Adobe Acrobat reader. we can encrypt, add a certificate or password to a document, and control access of the file.

Now open any pdf or just open the adobe acrobat then follow these steps: 

Click on “File” -> click on “Open” -> select your “pdf “file. Once you have opened the PDF file then click on “file” -> Select the “Password Protect”.

These windows will open. we have to click on “protect now“. it will ask you to sign in the adobe account.

This product is based on pricing. So right now I’m choosing with the trial version.

Now Click on “Free trial” and it will again ask you to sign in the account then you have to fill the payment details. Once you have completed these steps. you can simply click on “Password protect” then create a password for your documents.  

Protect PDF Document Using Microsoft Word:

Suppose, we have to protect pdf document free without buying any license. we can do this with word documents. you need to follow the below steps.

We’ve created a word document file. we will save it as pdf. when you have open the document file then click on “file” and choose “save as” then select the location where you want to save it. 

As you can see you have to Choose “pdf” and now click on “options” to protect it with the password. you have to select “encrypt the document with a password” and click on Ok.

Once you click on Ok it will ask you to put the password.

We’ve saved the file with a password and we will open it. This should ask you for a password to open the file.

Put the password and open the PDF file. 

YouTube Link: Protect Doc

You’re done unlock password protected word lock word document password protect word document protect document file

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