How To Setup MultiFactor authentication On AWS Account

Security is the first key to keep your networks secure. how to setup and enable multifactor to authenticate and secure login with aws code. There are 3 types of authentication methods provided by aws. so

You can use any method to securely login to your account. it will also provide you the 2 codes to set and you can use them in the future.

When you required security on your AWS account to login to the console. We can configure and enable multifactor authentication setup on AWS. This provides extra security to our account.

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I would recommend we should not use the root account to login to the AWS account on a regular basis to handle the AWS Cloud. we should make a new user and give that user to the administrator permission to perform the same task as admin.

How To Setup MultiFactor authentication:

Login to your account -> my security credentials – > expand MFA s

How To Setup Multi-Factor

Click on active MFA, there are three methods of authenticating your account. I’m using a Virtual MFA device. soo

multi factor enabled aws

We have to download the Google Authentication App and Click on Scan QR Code

authenticate login aws code

Once you put all the information you will receive this message. We have configured the MFA for our AWS account. Whenever you log in to the account using username and password then it will ask for MFA code.

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secure login aws

Now logout and login again to your account, it will ask you the MAF authentication password. You can use the google authentication app.

aws authentication types

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After putting the password from your authentication app. You will be able to log in.

You’re done multi factor enabled aws secure login aws authenticate login aws code aws authentication types

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