How To Start Monitoring For Elasticsearch Cluster On Linux

How To Start Monitoring For Elasticsearch Cluster On Linux

we can monitor the elastic stack or elk monitoring service cluster. let’s see how to start monitoring using the elastic-search on Linux. This is important to monitor the elk stack itself. you can run a single stand-alone elk server if you don’t want to create a cluster. 

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we can also configure it to monitor all the devices which are under elk stack and also send an alert whenever any devices get down or having large resources of hardware. Elasticsearch is an open-source tool for monitoring your infrastructure including running apps and many more.

you can also use the paid version which gives you more features that can be useful for your infra. when you configure all the devices to monitor you need to install an agent which will bring the data to your elk.

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Click on stack monitoring

how to start monitoring

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Now click on turn on monitoring

monitor elk stack

It will start getting the data ready

elastic stack monitoring service

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You can monitor your elastic-search from here

elk monitor services

That’s it. elk monitoring cluster elk monitor services elastic stack monitoring service

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