How To Take Server of a Backup On Amazon cloud

How To Take Server of a Backup On Amazon cloud

If you’re not aware of how to take a backup of running server and You can also have ami automatic backup server in aws.

you can also set the automatic snapshots that will take the whole backup including the incremental. There’s an option to schedule this task. you can easily find and later delete the old backup if you do not need them.

snapshots are a better way when you’re going to perform some task on the server and if anything goes wrong, then you can revert back to the original position.

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You need to select the server to take backup then follow the below 

Actions -> image -> Create image

how to take server

Give any name to the image and don’t forget to check on “ no reboot” otherwise it will reboot the machine while taking the image backup. This will take all the backup including OS, files. If you any additional disk attach, it will also count.

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aws ami backup

Image created

server backup in aws

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You find this image under Images -> AMI and it depends on how much data you have.

YouTube Link: EC2 Instance backup using AMI

You’re done aws ami automatic backup of running server

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