How To Uninstall Docker CE from Redhat/CentOS 7

How To Uninstall Docker ubuntu, I have already installed Docker Community Edition on centos or rhel machine as it’s free for centos flavor. You can install and remove the docker in Linux using the single command.  so  so

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Once you remove the docker using the yum command then it will remove only the package and files will be still present at the same location. So, you have to remove it manually if it’s still present there. when you find the files are present over there, just delete them because they’re no longer needed on the server.

How To Uninstall Docker CE from Redhat/CentOS7:

you can also use autoremove command with yum to delete the docker from the server. it can help you to remove files as well in a single comment and just use the argument with yum.

docker --version

How To Uninstall Docker

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Docker file location,

install docker linux

Uninstall of Docker,

ubuntu docker uninstall

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Else so

yum remove docker-ce

And Also remove installation file,

YouTube Link: Install Docker

You’re done install  linux ubuntu docker uninstall remove linux docker on rhel

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