How To Uninstall LibreOffice Completely From Ubuntu 18.04

By default, LibreOffice installed in Ubuntu Linux. This is an open-source office automatically in Linux. If you need to install another office, So you can simply uninstall it. Let’s see how to uninstall and remove LibreOffice in ubuntu. we can do this with mature science with office 

How To Uninstall LibreOffice Completely From Ubuntu 18.04

The office would be installed automatically which is not required. to do manually. you can also use its features available on the site and installed them separately. 

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Why would you do that? you can do uninstall it 2 cases:

  1. if you want to get the latest version of LibreOffice on your machine. 
  2. When something is wrong with the office and any application that does not work properly.

This is inbuilt software that comes when you install the new operating system. you don’t need to install it. It has an application like PowerPoint, writer, calc, etc.

When you have your files with LibreOffice file format and you uninstalled it. So, your file won’t be corrupted with the new version. 

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You don’t need any license for using this office as it’s free to the user. you can also use Microsoft office on the Linux machine. LibreOffice is an open-source version of StarOffice. This is available for all the operating systems

Method 1: you can simply uninstall packages with the below command.

sudo apt remove --purge libreoffice*
sudo apt clean

Now run the auto-remove command for uninstalling the packages.

sudo apt autoremove

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Method 2: you can also use aptitude search ‘~i’ | grep libreoffice to find out which package to be uninstalled.

You can also use sudo apt –-purge libreoffice-core

Method 3: Uninstalling all the LibreOffice packages with it

sudo apt-get autoremove -y libreoffice-\*

You’re done libreoffice ubuntu remove

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