How To Uninstall Mono Cross-Platform On Ubuntu 18.04

Mono is an open-source implementation of the Microsoft .net framework. if you want to know how to uninstall mono cross-platform from Ubuntu machine that’s pretty easy. you can remove and uninstall mono files in ubuntu 18.04.

With the help of Mono, you can install the .Net framework in the Ubuntu machine. If you try to install by downloading a framework from Microsoft site, So there are lots of dependencies for installing this software. so

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When you don’t need mono anymore on the system and decided to remove mono on ubuntu. You can follow the below methods to uninstall the mono in ubuntu.

You will find the location where mono is installed and now we will uninstall mono on ubuntu. let’s see, how to uninstall mono from ubuntu.

How To Uninstall Mono Cross-Platform On Ubuntu 18.04:

So, it’s a good idea to install a Net framework using Mono Software in the Ubuntu machine. so

Check Mono Version installed mono -V

how to uninstall mono

There are two methods of removing Mono from Ubuntu. so

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Method 1: we will check the packages installed related to this on the system at the below location.

ls /usr/lib/mono

uninstall mono ubuntu

you will also find the binaries to run this at the location below.

ls /usr/bin/mono

remove mono ubuntu 18.04

You have to remove configuration files from this folder.

ls /etc/mono/

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you need to remove it from here.

ls /usr/share/mono

You have to remove mono.gz from here

ls /usr/share/man/man1/mono.1.gz

Method 2 : If you’re tired of finding the location of mono, you can simply run the below commands this will completely uninstall it from the system,

sudo apt-get purge mono-runtime
sudo apt-get purge mono-complete


sudo apt-get remove --purge –auto-remove mono-runtime

Once you have run the above commands, you can run the mono -V to check the status. if you don’t see anything, you have uninstalled it.

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That’s it. remove files mono ubuntu remove mono ubuntu 18.04

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