How To Uninstall Skype From Ubuntu 16.04/17.04/18.04

How To Uninstall Skype is a telecommunication application software that helps you to communicate over the internet across the world. you can install free desktop, mobile, and web-based applications. if you can’t find Skype in Ubuntu machine. you need to install Skype Ubuntu 18.04 using the command line. Sometimes Ubuntu Skype not starting may be because you didn’t install it properly. I have an article on how to remove Skype from the Ubuntu machine, you may read it.

How To Uninstall Skype From Ubuntu 16.04:

You can do lots of things with Skype-like HD Video calling, Live Subtitles, Screen sharing, Skype Call recording, etc.

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Uninstalling Skype

By Default, Skype not installed in the Ubuntu machine. You have to install it either directly from the Ubuntu software center or via kernel by directly download the Skype packages for Linux.

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You may also install the Skype for mobile devices which are totally available for both IOS and Android Operating System.

For using Skype, You must have Microsoft account available with you.

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So, I have downloaded the Skype Debian based package from the official site of Skype

Packages name skypeforlinux-64.deb

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You will have to run this command to completely remove Skype from the Ubuntu machine.

sudo apt-get –purge remove skype

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Now Skype expelled from your Ubuntu machine. So simply ensure via seeking on the machine.

You’re done can’t find skype  skype ubuntu 18.04 ubuntu skype not starting

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