How to Update Jenkins Version In Linux

Jenkins is an open-source tool for software development widely used in today’s world. I have already installed version 2.121.3 & how to update and upgrading Jenkins offline and online.

you should have taken the backup of Jenkins. There should not be any running job on the server. we can update it when No jobs are running or have completed the task. you must have taken the backup of the running server before performing these tasks, So, if something goes wrong, you can restore the server as earlier conditions.

Make sure there should not be any job running when you’re going to update the version.

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If you’re going to upgrade using Jenkins.war file So you can just simply replace your local copy of the Jenkins.war file and restart Jenkins.

Link to download Jenkins using repository Download Repo

jenkins update version

Import key to verify jenkins
rpm --import

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Now you have Jenkins repo installed on your machine and run the yum install Jenkins

while upgrading Jenkins there will be no effect on Jenkins server.

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systemctl restart jenkins
Jenkins has been updated to 2.164.1

YouTube Link:

That’s it. jeversion upgrading jenkins offline update jenkins online


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