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How To Whitelist Domain In Microsoft Office 365

By default, when an email arrives at your mailbox this will be dropped in inbox within your organization. Let’s see how to whitelist the domain.

if someone sends an email to your id from outside the organization. this will arrive in the junk folder as you haven’t whitelist that domain in your organization. 

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This can be a headache for people if mails are not landing in the inbox. So, you need to be whitelisted with their domain in your organization. There’re two ways to spam filter, you can also add email id instead of the domain.

Step 1: First of all you need to log in to your admin account on office 365 then Click on “Exchange”.

click on exchange

Step 2: Now click on “Protection” then Select “spam filter” and click on “Default spam filter” to edit.

spam filter
add here

Step 3: Now select the allow lists

allow lists here
choose domain to add

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Click on the “+” sign to add domain.

domain add
whitelist domain here

You can either allow domain or particular email id and click on save.

domain allow list
allow list

You’re done

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