Httpd Could Not Reliably Determine Server’s Fully Qualified Domain Name

When you will be configuring Apache Web Server You might be seen this error “httpd Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name” as of you have not set the FQDN on the server. Sometimes it happens because you need to define the FQDN of the website in the host file of the server.

Httpd Could Not Reliably Determine The Server’s Fully Qualified Domain Name:

First, you have to set the Hostname on the server. you can also define this FQDN for all the websites running on the Apache server. you should do this for the webserver.

hostnamectl set-hostname yourhostname

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Sometimes problems still exist I faced this issue in CentOS 7 Version So I found the solution.

You will see when you test the configuration settings in the Apache file, using httpd -t

httpd fully qualified domain

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The solution is to make an entry in the host file with the IP address of the server and hostname.

apache fully qualified server

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After that, you won’t face this message,  

set domain name apache

As you can see there is no message related to FQDN.

You’re done  apache fully qualified server set domain name apache configure domain name apache

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