How To Increase Size of Volume On Amazon Cloud

How To Increase Size of Volume On Amazon Cloud

We can increase the root partition size of EC2 volume in AWS. As you can see the root partition size is 8 GB. I have to increase it to 10 GB without restarting the server. we don’t need to stop the server to expand the volume size of a server. we only need to do is to run a single command on the server and it will increase the file systems.

We can also increase the EBS volume size and there’re lots of volume types in AWS. We can attach and detach the volume and take volume backup as well in AWS. The EBS volume pricing depends on Data Size.

Nou you will see the increased size on the cloud but not on the servers VM.  

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I have a running server with root partition only. I want to increase the size.

Go to the EC2Elastic Block Store → select the volume you want to
increase the size.

Increase Size of Volume

Now click on ActionModify volume

increase volume size aws

we can also change here volume type as well as volume size. I will change the only size here to 10 GB and click on Modify.

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volume increase aws

Click on Yes

root volume increase

Volume request submitted.

Volume size is increased but you will have to increase the file system
from the servers.

Let’s take a putty session and check the size of the root partition.

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Now the size is 7.9 GB and we have to increase it. you can check using df -TH. if we
file type is ext4, run the below command. if not, use xfs_growfs.

resize2fs /dev/xvda1

Root partition size increased to 10 GB.

You’re done increase volume size aws root  ec2

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