install Active Directory

We can install Active Directory on windows server 2012/2016 R2. In a similar way, You can also setup and configure active directory on windows server 2019.

How To Install Active Directory Server On Windows 2012/2016 R2:

I have changed the computer name of this server and now open the “Server Manager” and click on “Add roles and features“. 

You can check the hostname from CMD using the hostname command. Now Click on Next“. 

Select the “role-based or feature-based installation” and click on “Next“.

Now you have to select a “server from the pool”, we have a local server. we have selected the same server as an AD server.

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When you select the “Active Directory Domain Service” then it will ask you to install the required packages along with it.

Click on “add features” and Hit “Next“.

Select the “dot network framework features” and click on “Next“. 

Click on “Next“.

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Confirm the installation and if you have forgotten something, you can go back and install them. Click on “Install“.

It will start the installation process and once it’s finished, we need to have a reboot the machine. 

We have to click on the “Flag icon“. 

How to Add Domain Forest in windows server:

Click on “Promote this server to a domain controller” and you will see the windows like below. 

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If this is the fresh new server for AD, you have to select the “Add a new forest” and specify the root domain name ““.

you have to select Forest Functional level “windows server 2012” and create a password. Click on “Next“.

how to setup active directory on windows server 2012 r2

We can define the DNS server if you don’t have, you can set up later.

install active directoryPut the NetBios Domain Name here

how to install active directory domain services

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You can change the location of the Database, log files, and SYSVOL folder.

active directory windows 2016

Review your settings and click on “Next“.

install active directory windows server 2016

After Checking perquisites, now click on “install”.

setup active directory

Once it’s finished. it will ask you to reboot the machine as you can see the below figure. We have successfully installed the AD server and login with your administrative password.

active directory users and computers

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Type “dsa.msc” and open it.

configure active directory  

You can create users and do whatever you want on this AD server.

configure active directory windows server 2012

In a similar way, Now you can configure and setup active directory on the windows server 2016/2019.

That’s it.


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