Install Apache On Ubuntu

Install Apache Web Server On Ubuntu

Install Apache Web Server is an Open Source Web Server available free in today’s costly world. This is the most generally utilized web server in the present everywhere throughout the world since It’s protected, Scalability, and better execution among another web server. You can install apache or apache2 in ubuntu. so

We can easily install an apache web server in ubuntu. Apache is the most popular HTTP web server and Commonly used in Linux and Unix environment. so

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Advantages of Apache Web Server:

1. The source code of apache is available for free and no licensing is required.

2. You can modify the code and also fix the errors.

3. Apache can run on Almost all Operating Systems.

4. You can run multiple websites on a Single Apache Web Server.

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New Features In Apache 2.4

1. Better Support for Non-Unix Platform

2. Ipv6 Support

3. Multilanguage Error Responses

4. New Apache HTTP API

Now check Apache installed or not on the Ubuntu Machine by running below command.

dpkg –get-selections | grep apache2

ubuntu apache install

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In Ubuntu, The Apache package name “apache2″ and currently is not installed on the Ubuntu machine.

Now install Apache

apt-get install apache2 –y

You can check what Packages installed along with Apache2

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apache2 install ubuntu

Start the Apache Server Service

install apache ubuntu

Check Apache Server Status

apache on ubuntu

Configuration files are located at /etc/apache2/

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Now Go to the browser & Check whether it’s running or not by typing localhost.

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If you find this Apache default Page, Means Apache installed and running.

That’s it.   Ubuntu apache2 install


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