How To Install Bind Tool (DNS) Utility On Windows 10 / 8

We can install bind tool on windows 10. we also knew it as a dig tool install on windows. you don’t need to start any service to use this tool. so

Domain Information Groper, commonly known as dig is a command-line tool to get the DNS information about a domain name that is most popular in Linux and better DNS tool than windows NSLookup.

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How To Install Bind Tool On Windows 10 / 8: 

This is a free and open-source utility available for Windows machines. You need to download the tool from here and install it. Let’s see, how to install the dig tool in windows 10.

Once you have extracted the Zip file and now run the BindInstall with administrator rights. 

Select “Tool only” and click on “Install“. if you want to set the Service account password, you can do that as well.

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Install the required package “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017” if it’s not installed.

how to use dig windows 10

Once you click on “Install“, it will start installing it.

dig is not recognized as an internal

You will see a message “Bind installed successfully“. 

how to install bind on windows 10

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Add dig path to windows variables:

Navigate to the installed location of the bind in your windows machine as shown below in the figure. you must be seeing the bind.exe file.

bind tool

Copy the path and open the settings and type “path” where you have to open the “System environmental variables“.

You have to click on “environmental variables” and then “system variables“.

install bind tool windows

Click on Edit and give the path of the bind till bin directory and save it.

install dig

This is installed now. we can run the dig command, you can either use
"PowerShell" or "cmd".

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Basic Dig Query Commands: 

I will show you a few basic dig command examples. I have found the IP address V4of a website using the dig command as you can see.

installing dig in windows 10

You can find IP v6 Address using dig AAA

We can also specify the nameserver using dig A @

Find the looks up MX record using dig MX

With “-x” options perform the reverse lookup when you specify the IP address. 

dig -x

That’s it. so

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