How To Install Check My Links Extension On Google Chrome

We will see how to install check my links to find the broken or dead on the website using google chrome extension. you can also use a line broken checker on google. This won’t tell you until you don’t click on its icons and then it will start finding the links.

You can also use online websites that provide you the information and start crawling the websites freely. we can remove those dead links from the website because this can be caused you not to reach good rankings in google.

How To Install Check My Links Extension:

We can find the broken links on the website using the check my links
plugins which are available for the Google Chrome browser. 

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You have to type check my links on google.

install check my links


Once you click on the link, the window will open then click on add to chrome.

find broken links

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Click on add extension.

google broken link checker

Now it will start installing and you can choose what options you have to require to get the information using the extensions.

Click on save to preferences.

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You have to click on the icon then this will start finding the broken links.

You can also write for us if you face any issues.

You’re done. find check broken dead links website install check my links google chrome extension

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