Install Diagnosis Tool To Identify No Data In New Relic Infrastructure

Install Diagnosis Tool To, If you’re facing issue No data is appearing after installing the New Relic infrastructure on your machine. So there is a tool available on the new relic site which is nrdiag. you can diagnostics new relic if it’s not working, you may be having license issue with new relic when you install any application example java. so

Install Diagnosis Tool To Identify No Data Is Appearing In New Relic Infrastructure:

You need to install it on your server. you will face this issue when you have not written the license key properly at the location in the new relic server. you can diagnose the issue using this tool provided by the new relic.

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Step 1: Download the tool nrdiag from here nrdiag.

You can install it on the Linux platform inside the root directory of your code.

Step 2: Extract the package


Install Diagnosis Tool To

Step 3: Move Linux from nrdiag directory to your new relic infra path.

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mv linux/ /etc/newrelic-infra

new relic java example

Go to cd linux/

Step 4: Run this command to diagnose so


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Now you can check warning, failure to diagnose the issues.

You’re done  new relic diagnostics new relic not working license issue new relic new relic java example

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