How To Install Docker Plugin In Jenkins For Automation

How To Install the Docker plugin will help you to integrate with Jenkins. So you can build a Docker image using Jenkins. you can do Jenkins integration with docker and run Jenkins with the pipeline.

The benefit of Docker with Jenkins is you can create a docker container using the Jenkins job. we just need to write the docker file in the Jenkins job where you need to run the job and the container will be ready for you in a single click. 

How To Install Docker Plugin In Jenkins:

We can install a docker plugin and do configuration on the remote machine using Jenkins. We can also create a docker container using Jenkins.

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Someone does not need to depend on others for creating a docker container you just need to make the integration between them and connectivity should be there. so they can talk to each other without any interruption.

There’s a plugin available to achieve this task in Jenkins and just configure them and create a job for docker containers. 

Install Docker Plugins

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First, you will have to log in to your Jenkins Dashboard where you will go to “Manage Plugins”.

Click on Manage Plugins, then look for Docker 1.1.5

And start Installing the plugins

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Reboot the Jenkins

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