How To Install Git Bash and Access AWS EC2 Instance

We can install Git Bash software on a windows machine. We can download and configure git bash terminal on windows. Let’s see, how to configure Git Bash on windows.

How To Install Git Bash and Access EC2 Instance:

If you don’t want to create a PPK key to access the EC2 instances from your windows machine. So, there’s a solution Git Bash.

This is available for Mac, Linux/Unix, and windows platform OS. Once you have downloaded the git bash setup. you need to run it. 

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Click on “Next“.

Select the “installation path”.

Select the features according to your needs and click on “Next“. 

You can select an option which one you want. I have selected “Use git from git bash only“.

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Click on “Next“.

Keep it default and click on “Next“.

Again click on “Next“.

You can select any options here.

access ec2 instance from windows

Choose “Default“.

download git bash

You can select according to your need. I have selected the default.

download git bash for windows

Click on “Install“.

git bash install

Click on “launch Git Bash” and then “Next“.

install git bash windows command line

Now the Git Bash terminal is opened. you can start working here. 

configure git bash

How To Take Remote Access EC2:

We will try to access direct EC2 instance without any key. you have to log in to your AWS account. 

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Select the EC2 instance which one you want to take a remote session using the Git bash command line then click on “Connect“. 

how to install git bash on windows 10

Create a folder and put your key.pem key inside this folder and do right-click anywhere in this folder. In that folder, Select the “Git Bash Here“.

how to open git bash terminal windows

Copy the SSH command as shown in the below figure and run it on the Git terminal. 

git bash terminal

You will be able to access the EC2 instance using this software.

That’s it.

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