Install Jenkins Server Using War File On CentOS 7

If you want to Install Jenkins Server Using the war file. So it can be done using java command on the server. I have already installed Jenkins using the rpm package. you can do the installation of Jenkins with war file by download manually.

Install Jenkins Server Using War File:

You will need to download the Jenkins.war file from the official site of  Jenkins Download. It will take some time to install the packages while installing there will be a password visible So copy the password.

Check OutPort Change

The command is java -jar jenkins.war

Install Jenkins Server Using

If you wanna specify the port You can use the below command.

java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=8080

In the end, You will see this message, INFO: Jenkins is fully up and running

ps -ef | grep java

jenkins installation with war

The Default Jenkins location will be ls -a .jenkins/

default jenkins location

With the war, the Jenkins folder hidden. So you will have to check at /root/.jenkins

From Now follow this link to Install Jenkins

Jenkins installed with port 8080

jenkins installed

YouTube Link:

You’re done. jenkins installation with war

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