How To Install Linux Mint Cinnamon On VmWare Workstation

We can install Linux mint cinnamon in VirtualBox as well as VMware workstation using the ISO file. This is based on the Debian Linux distro.

How To Install Linux Mint On VMWare Workstation

We need to download the Linux Mint ISO file from the official website. you can install it on VMware or VirtualBox. This is an open-source Linux distro based on Ubuntu or Debian.

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Open the VMware workstation and click on “New Virtual machine” and select the “ISO” file. 

Click on “Next” and give it a name.

Check the rest settings and Click on “Finish“. 

Now you need to click on “Install Linux Mint” ISO image and click on “Continue“.

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If you need multimedia codecs you can install them.

Now you have to choose a disk to install and you can either erase the disk or create a new one.

download linux mint 19 cinnamon iso

It will ask you to confirm and click on “Continue” if you want to go with it.

install linux mint cinnamon vmware

Select your country or city.

how to install linux mint on virtualbox

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Now create a user for Linux mint and set the password then click on “Continue“.

how to install linux mint without cd or usb

It will start copying the files on the machine.

install linux mint in virtualbox

Now it will start retrieving files on the machine.

linux mint install

Once the above task is completed, it will ask you to restart or continue testing.

linux mint cinnamon install

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When you have chosen restart now, you will see the welcome windows.

mint linux install

Now we can check the Linux mint version using the below commands. 

mint@mint-virtual-machine:~$ cat /etc/os*
NAME="Linux Mint"
VERSION="20 (Ulyana)"
PRETTY_NAME="Linux Mint 20"

If you get the message like”Please remove the installation media and continue” after rebooting the machine, you need to shutdown the Vmware and start it again. you won’t see that message again and your Linux mint cinnamon installed.

That’s it.

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