.Net framework install in ubuntu

Install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7 In Ubuntu 18.04/18.10

By default, Install Microsoft Net Framework not installed in the Ubuntu machine. If you require to install this, you have to install Microsoft MONO which is an open source .Net framework installer.

Microsoft .Net is a Software development platform developed by Microsoft. The framework basically used to create application which runs on windows platform. We can also developed web services. This framework supports visual basic and c # languages.

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Sometimes when you install the application on your system. This ask you to install .Net framework if it’s not present on the system. This type of application based on Net framework without this they can’t run or work properly. The Net Framework freely available on Microsoft site only.

Make Sure the downloaded version is compatible with your application otherwise it can stop running your application or software. So carefully, Choose what version you need for your applications. No worry, you can remove it but this is always a good idea to test your applications on testing Server.

So Let’s begin the installation

First you need to download the .Net Framework 4.7 from Microsoft site. You must have installed wine if you’re going to install it with .exe file.

For Ubuntu, There are two Net framework packages available.

1. Build Apps : Core SDK

2. Run Apps : Core Runtime

wine ./NDP47-DevPack-KB3186612-ENU.exe

Now you need to accept the license,

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Click on install, it will start the installation begin

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Microsoft .Net framework 4.7 installed now.

You’re done

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