How To Install Microsoft Windows Server 2019 on Vmware

We can install Microsoft windows server 2019 using ISO image on VMware. you can download the ISO image from the Microsoft website for 180 days license. We can use the windows server for 180 days trial for free. 

In a similar way, you can install the other window server. if you want to install using USB, we need to create a bootable Pendrive then you need to insert it into the PC and the process of the installation remains remain the same. 

Features of Server 2019:

  1. Windows Admin Center: We can manage all the remote servers using server management software on the windows server.
  2. Storage Migration Service
  3. System Insights
  4. Linux on Windows server 2019

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How To Install Microsoft Windows Server 2019 on Vmware

Open the Vmware and select the “New Virtual Machine” and then click on “Next. Once you have downloaded the windows server 2019 iso then you need to go the location and select it.

You have to select the version of windows and if you don’t have any valid license key, you can skip it and click on “Next“.

how to install windows server 2019 on vmware

Click on “Next” and Finish it. Now after the few seconds, it will start setting up the setup.

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Choose your language here and click on “Next“.

install windows server 2019 vmware

Click on “Install“.

download windows server 2019 iso for vmware

You have to select the version here. 

download windows server 2019 iso for vmware

Click on “Next” and “Accept the license terms“.

windows server 2019

Click on “Next“. Keep following the instruction till you get the below step.

install windows server 2019

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After sometimes, it will start you to reboot the machine. The window will start getting ready. Be default, the username will be an “administrator” and you need to set the “password” then click on “Finish“. 

server 2019 on vmware

Login with the password and Windows server 2019 is installed. iso

windows server iso

That’s it.

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