How To Install OpenSSH Server And Configure in Linux

How To Install OpenSSH Server and configure in Linux

By Default, how to install the OpenSSH server and already installed in the centos machine. This is a tool which used to log in securely to a remote server based on the Secure Shell Protocol. It’s written in C language and the Port number is 22. you can install OpenSSH and ssh server in Linux centos 7.

Once you find the packages, you can install it using the below commands. we don’t need to add any additional packages for it.

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We can install it using the packages available in Linux and we can also install an extra package repository to get it on the machine. Sometimes, you will need to install but in most cases, it’s already on the machine. This is a secure way to take a remote session of the Linux machine. 

you can easily install because it's package is available in Linux
 repositories. you don't need to download or add any repositories 
for installing the ssh server. you just simply run the below command.

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Let’s begin the installation

Step 1: Install OpenSSH package

yum install openssh openssh-server -y

This will install those packages showed in figure.

install openssh server

Step 2: Start the Service and enable at boot time.

systemctl start sshd && systemctl status sshd

install ssh linux

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Configuration file Locations,

ls /etc/ssh/

ssh server centos 7

That’s it ssh server centos 7 ssh server install linux

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