Install PHP 7.2 Hypertext Preprocessor on Ubuntu 17.10/18.04

Install PHP 7.2 (Hypertext Pre-Processor) on Ubuntu

Install PHP 7.2 ubuntu is a server-side scripting language used in most web development and also used to serve the dynamic content. It can run scripts to connect to the MySQL database. you can install PHP latest version and check-in ubuntu.

Once you can also check before installing the PHP version in the ubuntu machine and also test the PHP is working by creating a test page that will show all the information about the PHP version.

you can use this command to check the version installed php -v

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First, We’re going to check whether PHP installed or not on the machine.

Install PHP 7.2

PHP not installed on our Ubuntu machine and Now let’s install the required 

apt-get install php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql

php latest version ubuntu

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Now PHP installed on Ubuntu machine with these dependencies

install php in ubuntu

You can also install PHP-mcrypt package if you want And Now create a file under the directory /var/www/html/test.php

Edit these file and put this PHP code




Save and exit

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Test the PHP setup and browse with your system IP

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if you get these output means PHP is installed properly and working.

You’re done check php in ubuntu latest version

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