How To Install Security SIEM In Elasticsearch On CentOS 7

SIEM is a security module in ELK which help us to secure infrastructure in the organization. let’s see, how to install security SIEM. you can identify threats on your servers, network using this module. you can configure elasticsearch security module SIEM in elk and use it for security analysis. so

curl -L -O

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There’re some parameter settings available by default in the audit beat config file. The siem is an open-source security module provided by elk and these all commands will be run on the client machine. so

How To Install Security SIEM In Elasticsearch On CentOS 7:

Step 1: you need to put the elasticsearch and kibana IP address in the file vim /etc/auditbeat/auditbeat.yml.

Look for elasticsearch, so

hosts: ["<es_url>"] 
username: "elastic"
password: "<password>"

Look for kibana setup, so

host: "<kibana_url>

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Step 2: Now on the client machine, run the below commands. so

auditbeat setup
systemctl start auditbeat

Step 3: Go to the kibana server where you have added the data and click on the SIEM app. s

Install Security SIEM

Once you click on it, you will see the data as shown in the figure.

you’re done elasticsearch security module configure siem in elk install security module elk for security analysis

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