How To Install SQL Express Server 2019 On Windows 2012 / 2016 R2

We can install SQL express server 2019 on windows 2016 /2019 r2. You can download it from the Microsoft website. Lets’ see, how to install SQL server 2019 on windows server.

You can install it using the below method or you can simply download the ISO image then start the installation directly.

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How To Install SQL Express Server On Windows 2012 / 2016 R2:

You can download any version you want to install it on the windows server in 2016 r2. I have downloaded the Express version. 

how to install sql server 2019Once you have downloaded SQL Server 2019 the package file. Now “double click” on it and select “run“.

install sql server 2019

You can select the “Installation type” here and I have selected the “Basic“. you can also download the media file and use the ISO image to install later. 

microsoft sql server express download

We need to accept the terms and conditions.

sql server express

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You can change the installation path here and I have kept it as default.

sql server 2019 install on windows 2016

It will start downloading the package from the official site of Microsoft.

sql server 2019

Once the installation completed. 

sql server 2019 enterprise install

Install SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS:

Now you have to click on “SSMS” and it will take you to the Microsoft download page where you have to download and install it. 

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Double Click on the setup and click on “Run“. you will see the below screen and start the installation.

The installation has been begun. it will take to install it.

Once the installation finished. This will ask you to restart the machine. 

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Now you have to open the SQL Server Management Studio and you will see the window like below. 

I have not set any password while installing because I have chosen the default configuration. you can simply “Connect” it with the “Windows Authentication“.

That’s it.

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