How To Install SSH Agent In Jenkins For Remotely Task

How to install and do the configuration for SSH Agent in the server to perform the remote task. we can also configure ssh-agent in Jenkins using the plugin available. This plugin enables us to inject the credentials into the build using its agent.

It executes the job on the remote machine. we can also execute command n the remote machine using this plugin. you just need to simply write the commands in a job and build it. The task will start performing on the remote node. 

How To Install SSH Agent For Remotely Task:

Note: you have open the port 22 and have the connectivity between the servers.

Step 1: Click On “Manage” then look for “Manage Plugins

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Step 2: Click on SSH and restart the Jenkins

How To Install SSHagent

It will start installing SSH-Agent and restart the server.

 ssh agent jenkins

SSH-Agent has been installed and now you can perform remote work using 

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configure ssh agent jenkins

That’s it. jenkins ssh configuration agent install configure 

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