Install Tomcat 10 Server Using Source Code On Linux

Install Tomcat 10 Server Using Source Code On Linux 8

We can install tomcat 10 servers either using yum repository or source code in Linux. This is an application server and most widely used to make web-based applications in Linux servers. It’s a java-based process and you have an application running on Linux and we also need to have java installed on the servers.

You may download it from here

tomcat install using yum

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Extract the file using tar -xvf apache-tomcat-10.0.0-M1.tar.gz -C /opt/

tomcat install in linux

Java must be installed before running the below commands.
yum install java-1.8* -y

cd /opt/apache-tomcat-10.0.0-M1/bin

tomcat 10 using source


tomcat 10 install

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Check tomcat process is running using ps -ef | grep java

You will be seeing a port listening in the output.

install tomcat 10 server

Check Tomcat port is listening on default port 8080 using netstat -tnlp

Add ports in the firewall using below commands

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=8080/tcp

firewall-cmd –reload
Now go to the browser to check tomcat is installed correctly and 

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If you require to run tomcat on another port, you have to change the port in /opt/apache-tomcat-10.0.0-M1/conf/server.xml

Kill the apache tomcat process using kill -9 processid and start the service again. You will see tomcat will be listening to port 9000 instead of 8080.

netstat -tnlp | grep 9000

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Note: Don’t forget to allow the port 9000 in the firewall rules.

In a similar way, you can install any tomcat version using the same method.

You’re done tomcat install using yum

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