How To Install Ubuntu 18.04.3 Desktop On Vmware Workstation 15

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system which pretty good looking graphically and much lighter, secure more than windows operating systems. You don’t need to install any antivirus on this machine. Let’s see how to install the Ubuntu 18.04.3 desktop and download it for VMware workstation. 

This is pretty easy to install ubuntu 18.04 on VMware using the ISO file. You can also install ubuntu 18.04 from USB by making it bootable. Let’s see, how to install ubuntu 18.04.

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Ubuntu 18.04.3 comes with kernel version 5 and some security updates, bug fixes. if you know how to use Linux and install Windows software on it. So it would be pretty easier for you.

you must have installed or virtualization tools like VMware or oracle Virtualbox to install the different operating systems inside it without purchasing any extra hardware.

How To Install Ubuntu 18.04.3 Desktop On Vmware Workstation 15:

Open the Vmware workstation and click on New Virtual Machine., then choose the ubuntu iso images.

Now Click on Next and configure a user for the machine then click on next to select the installation location for the Ubuntu machine.

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install ubuntu desktop

After clicking on Next, now choose disk size and finally click on finish. 

ubuntu install vmware

you can also reduce the disk size to 15GB. it can also run in 1GB RAM. The installation has begun.

ubuntu download vmware workstation

This will take a few minutes to get install and you don’t need to do anything. Once all the packages copied it will reboot the machine.

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As you can see, Ubuntu 18.04.3 has been installed on the Vmware workstation. you can use it without any license issue because it’s free.  

You’re done. install ubuntu 18.04 vmware download workstation in

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