How To Install Ubuntu Server 18.04 On Vmware Workstation

We can install ubuntu 18.04 server minimal with iso image on VMware workstation. This Linux distro is based on Debian and also an open-source server. The commands and configuration are a little different from other distros like Centos and RedHat etc.

How To Install Ubuntu Server 18.04 On Vmware Workstation

We can install the ubuntu server with GUI on Desktop. Let’s see, how to install the ubuntu server 18.04 stey by step in VirtualBox.

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Open your VMware workstation and Click on New Virtual Machine

we need to browse your media.

ubuntu server install

Create a user and password.

ubuntu server minimal install

Select disk size

ubuntu install server vmware

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Click on finish, it will start ubuntu installation and select your preferred language.

ubuntu server install iso

Select your keyboard configuration and click on done

install ubuntu server on vmware

you can configure network connections but I’m keeping it default.

If you any proxy server to configure, I’m keeping it blank.

Configure the Ubuntu archive mirror where you will fetch the packages to install.

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If you want to create any partition, you can and I will use the entire disk as single.

Here you will get the summary of your filesystem and click on done.

It will ask you for the confirmation.

Now we have to create a user to log in on the server.

Install OpenSSH Server for the remote sessions.

If you want to install popular features server snaps, you can install them by selecting them. I won’t install any.

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Installation complete and reboot the machine.

Log in with your username and password.

You’re done ubuntu server install vmware minimal iso

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