Install Varnish Cache To Speed Up Apache Performance

Varnish is a proxy and Cache or High performance HTTP accelerator. Install Varnish Cache stores web pages in memory. So web server don’t have to create the same web page to server again and again. Varnish Cache serves much faster than any application Server.

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Varnish Cache is a part of Epel repository. So you must have installed Epel repository on your machine. If you don’t install pygpgme, GPG ,verification won’t work.

Step 1: Install pygpgme package which allows you to handle GPG signatures, and yum-utils which contains the tool you need for installing source RPMs.

yum install pygpgme yum-utils -y

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Step 2 : Install the Varnish

yum install varnish -y

Varnish-4.0.5-1 has been installed.

Step 3 : Start the service and enable it for running at boot

systemctl start varnish && systemctl enable varnish

Check Version using varnish -V

Step 4: Configuration of Varnish

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The Varnish configuration files are located at /etc/varnish/ directory in CentOS 7. By default, Varnish listen on Port 6081.

Now you will have to change it to 80 So website requests access the varnish first.

By default, Apache listen on Port 80, Edit this value in /etc/varnish/varnish.params

Step 5 : Now edit the this file tells varnish to look for the server content. You can change IP address here

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Save the file.

You’re done

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