Vmware installtion on Windows

How To Install Vmware Workstation In Windows 7

Vmware is a tool where you can install virtually multiple Operating Systems on the same hardware where you do not need to buy any other hardware and install VMware workstation pro in windows 7 in which you can install multiple operating systems. so

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It’s not an Open Source but you can use it locally on the computer or you may find the key on the internet.

Lets Begins

Step 1: Download the Vmware Workstation from the official site of Vmware Download here.

Step 2: Double click on Vmware exe file to install it.

Install Vmware Workstation

Step 3: Click on next

vmware install windows

Now it will start installing the Vmware and will take some time.

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Step 4: In the end, It will ask you to License key so put it there otherwise you can skip or add later.

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Vmware has been installed on the windows machine.

Step 5: Later you can put the key, open the VMware –> help, here you will see an option to put the license key.

YouTube link: Vmware install

That’s it. vmware workstation pro install

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