Install Windows Admin Center On Windows Server 2016/10

Windows admin center requires the PowerShell features which are not included by default on windows server 2016/ 20216 R2. So, we will have to install WMF version 5.1 or higher it manually. Windows admin center requirements to install it on the windows machine.

Install Windows Admin Center On Windows Server 2016/ Windows 10:

This software does not support Windows server 2012/ 2012 R2.

 Click on it and it will ask you to update a package if it’s required on your machine.

Once this is installed and will ask you to restart the server. we can verify it using the below command.


You can download the windows admin center for the window server. 

If you’re not able to download any software in the windows server because of the below messages, you can follow the below solution to solve it.

Your current setting does not allow download server 2016:

When you try to download any software from internet explorer in window server. So, it won’t allow you because of security reasons.

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I will try to download the google chrome from internet explorer but it won’t allow me to do this.

To fix this issue, we will have to make some changes in the internet options. 

Once you have opened the “Internet Options” and select the “Security” then click on “Internet Zone“. 

Click on “Custom Level” and scroll down to find the “Download

You have to choose “Enable” and click on “Ok” then “yes“. 

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Click on “OK” on the internet options and now you can download any software on the windows server.

Install Windows Admin Center On Windows 10:

We need to download the setup from the official website of Microsoft. you can download the windows admin center for windows 10 and also check windows admin center requirements.

Once you have downloaded the setup and double click on it. Now click on “Accept” and” Next“.

Select “Use Microsoft Update when I check for updates” and click on “Next“.

install windows admin center on server 2019

Click on “Next“.

Keep it as default and click on “Install“.

how to install windows admin center on server 2019

It will start the installation process.

admin center install

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Keep it as default and click on “Next“.

install windows admin center on windows 10

Click on “Finish“.

we need to open the browser and hit the URL: “https://yourip:6516 or localhost“. if it’s not coming on the browser, make sure you have disabled the firewall or you can open the port in the firewall.

Then Click on “OK“. 

 windows admin center requirements

Once you have done it. you can see the "Windows AdminCenter" is installed and
working fine.  

how to use windows admin center

If you want to add any server here, just click on “+add” then this will pop-up on the windows. Click on “Add“. 

admin center windows 2016

I have typed the server hostname here to find it but you can choose any method you want. I have added the server by providing the credentials of the remote server.

how to add server to windows admin center

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Click on “Add with credentials” and you will see the remote server added to the admin center.

admin center

Click on the remote server if you want to see it as I have shown in the below figure.

how to access windows admin center

That’s it.

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