How To Install Windows Server 2016 On Vmware Workstation

We can easily install windows server 2016 r2 on VMware workstation using the ISO image. When you face any issue related to “EFI network timeout” you can go the error 2 to get this solution.

You may download the Microsoft windows server 2016 ISO image from the official website Microsoft.

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How To Install Windows Server 2016 On Vmware Workstation:

Once you have downloaded the image. We need to open the Vmware workstation and Click on “New Virtual Machine“.

Click on “Next” and select the “Version to install” then give a username. 

Now go to the location where you have the ISO image of the server.

After checking the settings. now click on “Finish“.

You may face the below two errors while installing the server on VMware. 

Error 1: When you face this error” Windows cannot find the Microsoft software license” as we haven’t put the license in the above steps.

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You don’t need to worry about it we have another way to install it without a license.

Solution: Now remove this VMware and follow the above steps till here. we have to select “I will install the operating system later” and follow the instructions as same as above.

You can change or keep the settings the same and click on “Finish“.

Error 2: 

you might be getting the below error like “EFI Network timeout“. 

Solution: Stop this VMware and click on “Edit virtual machine settings“.

Now click on “Options” then “Advanced“.

You have to select “BIOS” Firmware type here instead of UEFI and save the settings. you won’t see the above error 2 anymore.

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Now you can start the installation. This will come after the above steps. We won’t receive that error related to licensing. Now click on “Next“.

Click on “Install“.

Select here which one you want to install with GUI or without it. if you want to install with GUI, Click on “windows server with GUI desktop“. 

Click on “Next“.

how to install windows server 2016 from usb

Accept the “Terms and conditions” and click on “Next“.

windows server 2016 r2

If you want to install the fresh version of the server, So Select “Customize“.

windows server 2016 r2 iso download

Select the “disk drive” to install the server and Click on “Next“.

server 2016 install windows

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The installation is started. it will take a few minutes.

how to install server 2016 r2

It will ask you to reboot the machine. After the rebooting, This will start getting the device ready to use.

efi network timeout

Put the “Administrator” password here and click on “Finish“.

time out efi network vmware 15

The windows server 2016 r2 is now installed and you can start using it. you will have to activate the windows server using the key later.

windows server 2016 download iso 64 bit

That’s it.

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