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Installation of Apache Tomcat 9 Using Source Code On Redhat

Install Tomcat

Installation of Apache Tomcat 9 Using Source Code

Installation of Apache Tomcat 9 is an Open Source Application server and java servlet container which is developed by Apache Org. Tomcat used to implementation of java EE specialisations including java servlet page(JSP), java servlet, JavaEL, and WebSocket etc and provides to run java code.

Apache Tomcat also provides by default a connector HTTP 8080 but you can change to port 80 in server.xml file.

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New Features

  1. Java 8 required
  2. Implement servlet 4.0
  3. JSP 2.3
  4. WebSocket 1.1
  5. EL 3.0
  6. JASPIC 1.1
  7. Supports for TLS virtual hosting (SNI)
  8. Support for using OpenSSL for TLS

Let’s install Apache Tomcat 9

I have downloaded Apache tomcat 8 version from official site of Tomcat Download

Note : For installing Tomcat there must be JAVA installed on your Machine.

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Step 1 :  I’m assuming you have already installed JAVA on your machine So I will skip this step. If not installed, you can install it from here.

In my machine, I have checked java version installed on machine by command java –version

Step 2 : you will have extract the downloaded package of tomcat in order to install it on machine. So run this command to extract the package.

tar xvfz apache-tomcat-9.0.8.tar.gz

After above step the output is

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Step 3 : Before starting Tomcat Service it’s required to set the

echo “export CATALINA_HOME=’/opt/tomcat/'” >> ~/.bashrc

Step 4:  Make directory under /opt/ and Move tomcat to /opt/ directory

mv Desktop/apache-tomcat-9.0.8 /opt/tomcat/

Now you will have to start the tomcat server by running the script which is located at this location.


Go the location and type ./startup.sh and Now you will get this output.

I have extract the file on desktop location so you can also move this files to /opt/ directory it will set the path according to the location you specify.

Step 5 : Go to browser to check whether is working or not and type http://yourip:8080 or localhost:8080

YouTube link : Install Tomcat9

You’re done

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