Installation of New Relic Monitoring Server On Linux

Installation of New Relic is a web-based application performance service designed to work to get data in real-time with your application. It’s a software analytics product for application performance (APM) real-time and showing data about your web applications. you can install and configuration of new relic server monitoring tool is pretty easy.

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No further changes are required from upgrading this to the enterprise version. you just buy and use this tool.

Installation of New Relic Server On Linux:

you can monitor your infrastructure for 1months free trails and if you find it useful for your infra, you can directly purchase and you only need to change the license   

This is not an Open Source Monitoring tool for IT Infrastructure and Applications. This also finds the error in applications and It has different modules available for monitoring. so  

Note: You must have the hostname of a server and must be unique so

hostnamectl set-hostname testing so

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Download the repository using wget command.


Installation of New Relic

Install the repo package so

rpm -ivh newrelic-repo-5-3.noarch.rpm

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install new relic tool

Install new relic tool

yum install newrelic-sysmond

install new relic tool

Enter your license key and get it from your new relic account.

nrsysmond-config --set license_key=hfskfhsiufjwsfnsjh

After verifying the key then start the service

systemctl start newrelic-sysmond

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Now go to the browser and refresh it. You must be able to see your dashboard.

You’re done ninstall new relic tool server monitoring configuration

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