Installation of Window Server 2008 R2 In Vmware Workstation

Installation of Window Server 2008 R2 is a Microsoft product which is used to host all application, Websites, etc & it’s not open source you have to purchase a license per server As of it’s costly for companies. you can install window server 2008 by downloading the os with GUI in the Vmware workstation.

We can easily install windows server 2008 or 2016. The process will be the same. If you need to install windows server update services, you can also do that when you installed it. Let’s see, how to install the windows server.

Installation of Window Server 2008 R2 In Vmware

Here I will show you how to install this server, you must have an ISO or VMware image of the windows server to install it. 

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Step 1: Open the Vmware, Click on “New virtual machine& pick up the ISO image of the server.

Step 2: The next step is where you can select which server you have to install because there are many servers version available.

Installation of Window Server

Click Next and finish it. Now Server will start installing in Vmware and after sometimes, the installation will be finished.

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windows server 2008 installation

Step 3: After that, it will ask you to reboot the machine. So just click on “Restart now“.

install windows server 2008

As you can see after rebooting it will start setting up your desktop first time & Server has been installed.

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windows server install vmware

Finally finished. you can now use it and install the required services or server for your applications.

YouTube Link: Install Window Server 2008 R2

That’s it install windows server 2008 windows server install vmware install server with gui windows server os download

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