JfrogArtifactory Service Failed To Start On CentOS 7

JfrogArtifactory Service Failed, JfrogArtifactory used for maintaining the official repositories stored on the artifactory server. This is an Open Source artifact repository manager which used to store the binary output of the build process. you can install jfrog artifactory on the ubuntu. Now you will have to setup artifactory database and setup jfrog artifactory pretty complicated. you can also download artifactory client from Github.

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JfrogArtifactory Service Failed To Start:

Now you have to run JfrogArtifactory service from this location but you must specify the artifact Url in your codebase to download the dependencies.  

cd /opt/jfrog/artifactory/bin/

JfrogArtifactory Service Failed

So, this will give you an error because it will ask you to create an, etc and etc.original folder.

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artifactory setup database

So you need to create a folder in this location /opt/jfrog/artifactory/ if it does not exist.

mkdir etc && mkdir etc.original

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After creating both folders, So you need to install the service,


github artifactory client

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So, Now start the service,


JfrogArtifactory Service Failed

That’s it. artifactory setup database jfrog artifactory setup github artifactory client install jfrog artifactory on

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