Kernel Panic Not Synchronising ”Corrupted Stack Detected ” On Vmware

Today, I was trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 Machine in Vmware 12 pro and I got this error “Kernel Panic Not Synchronising ”Corrupted Stack Detected ”. I reached the solution so I found this was as of VMware software issue with Windows 10 Or it can be as of EFUI Bios.

You will face this issue in Vmware when installing using the DVD ISO because the older version doesn’t support ubuntu 18.04. Simply upgrade your VMware version then installed the fresh Ubuntu machine.

Kernel Panic Not SynchronisingCorrupted Stack Detected” On Vmware:

if you don’t want to re-install the VMware, you can also use the VirtualBox to get it separated from the VMware. We can also use this version.

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Kernel Panic Not Synchronising

If you install Ubuntu 18.04 with Windows 7, You won’t face this issue.

So install the Vmware 14 Pro on your machine and removed the Vmware 12 Pro. if you want to install it with windows 10.

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Finally, It’s working after installing Vmware 14 Pro on Windows 10 machine.

You’re done ubuntu not installed vmware vmware kernel panic ubuntu kernel when installing

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