How To Launch Windows EC2 Instance On AWS Cloud

You can also launch and create a windows server EC2 instance in your free-tier account AWS. You will get 30GB of root volume space and only one instance can be created.

How To Launch Windows EC2 Instance On AWS Cloud

First of all, I will show you how to launch windows EC2 instance using your free-tier account. You can only launch a single instance in that account. Let’s create a windows server in AWS.

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Go to EC2 Service -> Click on Instance -> Click on Launch instance

Select the “instance type” here, I will choose the free-tier otherwise you have to pay for the server.

Click on “Next: Configure instance details”. Now select your VPC, Subnets, auto-assign public IP. You can also change the “number of instances” you want to create.

Take it as “default storage“. You will get only 30GB root volume when you’re going to create a windows instance. If you need more size in root volume, you will have to pay for it.

if you want, Define a “tag”

I will create a “new security group” for a Windows machine, allowing traffic from anywhere, port 3389 allowed in the firewall for RDP.

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Review and launch the instance, now we have to create a key pair. I will create a new one. Give any name to this key pair.

Download the key pair and you will receive “windows.pem” file. Now launch instances.

As you can see windows 2019 instance is ready.

How to connect windows EC2 instance:

You have to select “windows instance” and click on “Connect”.

Once you have click on “Connect”, you have to download the Remote desktop file to take the remote session.

Once downloaded, we will need to find the password for this instance. So, click on “get password”.

amazon ec2 windows remote desktop

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Browse that file we have downloaded “windows.pem” and you will see the screen as shown below

how to connect windows server aws

Note: Don’t forget to “Decrypt password”, there’s no other way to get the password later and save it somewhere.

launch windows server in aws

Now open the “RDP client” and put the username: Administrator and password: which you have copied when you decrypt it.

Get the IP address when you click on “Descriptions”.

launch windows server

Click on “Connect” and Put the password and click on “ok”.

windows server aws

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Click on “Yes”.

create windows server aws

As you can see we have successfully launched the windows 2019 server and it’s automatically activated

windows ec2 instance

YouTube Link: Launch Windows 2019 Datacenter

That’s it.

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