LDAP Error Getaddrinfo Name or Service Not known In Gitlab

LDAP Error Getaddrinfo Name, You will face this issue when you do not have a DNS Server or you didn’t make an entry in the Hosts file. This is because GitLab is not able to make a connection to your AD Server for achieving this you have to insert an entry in your server hosts file in case if there is no DNS server. You can check GitLab service status, authentication, and might be GitLab service not found & sometimes LDAP error in GitLab. 

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LDAP Error Getaddrinfo Name or Service Not known In Gitlab:

you can also authenticate your users with the LDAP server by configuring with the GitLab server to provide the security on the GitLab. There must be connectivity between your LDAP and the Gitlab server.

ldap error in gitlab

You have to make these entries in your LDAP server in /etc/hosts file. 

{your_gitlab_server_ip            gitlab_server_Hostname}

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Now try to run below command to check the connection to your LDAP server.

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gitlab service status

As you can see LDAP has made a connection to your gitlab server.

You’re done ldap error in gitlab gitlab authentication gitlab service status gitlab.service not found

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