install pip ubuntu

How To Install Youtube-dl To Download Videos on Ubuntu 20.04/19.10

We can install a youtube-dl GUI downloader on Ubuntu 20.04/18.04 using the command line. We will also need pip to install on the ubuntu...
linux login history

How To Check User Login History On CentOS / Redhat 7/8

Worried about who logged into the system? Yes, you can check user login history in the Linux machine. we can also check what they're...
vulnerability scan with openvas

How To Install OpenVas Vulnerability Scanner On CentOS 7/8

We can install an OpenVas vulnerability scanner on Linux. You can use it to scan your infrastructure. You can also scan vulnerability with OpenVas...
git latest version

How To Install Git Latest Version 2.x On CentOS 7 / 8

You can install the latest version of git on CentOS 7/8 using the yum install git command on all the Linux but if you need...
Check Hardware Information

Check Hardware Information, Block Devices, and FileSystems On Linux

We can check and collect the hardware system information on Linux using the command line. Let's see, how to collect system information and hardware...
install shadowsocks ubuntu

Install and Configure Shadowsocks Client On Ubuntu 20.04

We can install and configure shadowsocks client on ubuntu 20.04/18.04 using the command line interface. Shadowsocks is an open-source encryption protocol project which is...
install kde on ubuntu

How To Install KDE Plasma 5 On Debian/Ubuntu 20.04

We can install KDE plasma 5 Desktop on Debian & Ubuntu. We don’t need to add any extra repository for this. Kubuntu is the...
install sonarqube

How To Install SonarQube 6 Code Quality On Redhat 7/8

We can install sonarqube on centos 7/8. we can also create a sonarqube service to start and stop it. Let’s see, how to install...
proxy settings

How To Set System-Wide Proxy on Ubuntu 20.04/19.10

We can configure and set system-wide proxy settings for ubuntu. This is used to bypass the internet traffic through the proxy server. We can...
install rstudio linux

How To Install R and Rstudio On Ubuntu 20.04/19.10

We can easily install R and Rstudio on ubuntu as well as in Linux using the command line. The process is very easy and...