ssh command not found

How To Install SSHPass For login To SSH Server In Linux

How To Install SSHPass a utility for tuning server using the mode referred to “Keyboard interactive “password authentication where you can give password with...
times roman font

How To Install Times Roman Microsoft Font In Ubuntu

If you’re looking for Times Roman font in Ubuntu, So you won’t see it in LibreOffice writer. This's not installed by default. How To install...
ssh password less login

SSH Password less login Using SSH Keygen In Linux

If you do not want to type SSH password every time when you login to the remote server remotely by SSH. So it can...
add user and group in linux

Create Group And User Using Command line In CentOS 7

Today we will learn how to Create User and Group using the command line in Linux. In the previous post, we learned about Some...
selinux modes in linux

How To Disable Selinux Permanently Or Temporally On CentOS 7

How To Disable Selinux Permanently Or Temporally On CentOS 7 SELinux is a part of Enhanced Security in Linux. There is some reason for disabling it...
disable host-name in apache

Disable HTTP TRACE or TRACK Request In Httpd (Apache)

Disable HTTP Trace or hide Track request method In Apache Web Server, This can be a vulnerability that allows hackers to take unauthorized access...
allow user to ssh

How To Disable SSH For Remotely Root Login In CentOS 7

It’s a good idea how to disable SSH remote login on the server for security reasons. You just need to make a small change...
Apache Server

How To Hide Apache Web Server Name In CentOS 7

How To Hide Apache Web Server is widely used in today’s world and security comes first. We need to hide the Apache server version...
hostname of linux server

How To Change Hostname Without Rebooting Linux Server

How To Change Hostname? You can change Linux Hostname without rebooting, So you need to use the below command. There’re many ways to change...
frontend locked in ubuntu solve

Unable to acquire dpkg frontend lock, is another process using it

If you’re facing issues in upgrading the Ubuntu System with Error like "Unable to acquire dpkg", It can be for many reasons. We can...