apache redirect url

How To Redirect One Domain To Another Domain In Apache

How to redirect one domain, If you want to redirect your old domain to another domain So you will have to use the rewrite...
linux free memory

How To Clear Cache Memory, Buffer Cache In Linux

How to clear cache, It’s a good idea to clear the memory on the server because it can slow down the server performance. There...
openssh install

How To Install OpenSSH Server And Configure in Linux

How To Install OpenSSH Server and configure in Linux By Default, how to install the OpenSSH server and already installed in the centos machine. This is...
module mod_status Apache

Check Apache Server Status Using Mod_status In Linux

How To Check Apache Server Status Using Mod_status Apache Server Status, you can configure it, so it can be possible using a module available...
VMware upgrade in Ubuntu

Upgrade VMware Workstation 14.x To VMware 15.x In Ubuntu

If you want to know how to Upgrade VMware Workstation pro in Ubuntu, This is pretty easy to install the new upgrade or update...
Check Version

How To Check Apache Web Server Version In Linux

So there are two ways. I will show you here and along with where are the configuration files are located and logs files also....
how to install goaccess

Monitor Real-Time Traffic of Apache Web Server Using GoAccess

Monitor Real-Time Traffic with GoAccess is an Open Source log analyzing tool for Apache/Nginx webserver to analyze the real-time traffic on the server. We...
ssl certificate

Step of Installation OpenSSL Certificate In CentOS 7

Step of Installation OpenSSL, If you want to secure your website with SSL, you need to install an SSL Certificate on the Apache server....
Install pycharm ide for python

How To Install Pycharm IDE For Python On Ubuntu

Install Pycharm IDE is an integrated development environment used in computer programming especially for Python language. Python is an integrated, high level & general-purpose...
Ubuntu notepad ++

How To Install Notepad (Text Editor) ++ On Ubuntu Desktop

How To Install Notepad ++ On Ubuntu Desktop How To Install Notepad++ is a Microsoft software that is free to use it can be used...