Important List of Firewall Commands For Linux User

Today we’re going to show you a list of important firewall commands in the Linux machine. We have installed RedHat 7.5 version installed on our system.

Important List of Firewall Commands For Linux User:

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To check the state of the firewall. you can use a firewall to control your traffic and access to the server with on particular port. you can do this with iptables also in Linux 7 version.

firewall-cmd –state

list of Important Firewall Commands

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Check the default zone of the firewall using the below command.

firewall-cmd --get-default-zone

firewall command in linux

you can also check the active zone of the firewall.

firewall-cmd --get-active-zone

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Check rules are associated with a firewall.   so

firewall-cmd --list-all

linux firewall command

Check all zone available using the below command.

firewall-cmd --get-zones 

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We can add any service using the below command. so

firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-service=http

Check services in a specific

firewall-cmd --zone=public --list-services

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The command to open the ports. so

firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=4000/tcp

Note: You can use –permanent parameter to added it permanent.

Check the particular port added in the zone.

firewall-cmd --zone=public --list-ports

You’re done

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