Monit Service Failed Process Monitoring To Start On Linux 7

Monit Service Failed Process Monitoring To Start On Linux 7

Monit is an open-source process monitoring tool available for the Linux platform. You can monitor your infrastructure using this tool. This is a very light and HTTP built-in to access this from the GUI. Let’s see Monit service failed. if you found Monit service without pid, it means service has failed to start. You can also use Monit alternatives Linux and service for monitoring like Nagios etc and the Monit config location as shown below.

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you will get this message when you haven’t allowed the IP address or network define to allow it to access. you can monitor your server with this tool and configuration is very easy and very simple as compared to other monitoring tools.

you can start and stop the service using monit stop/start/status/reload 

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Monit Service Failed

vim /etc/monitrc

monit config location

Changed it to, you can change IP and allow address according to your needs. I have just allowed it from any IP address.

monit alternatives linux

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Check now port is listening to this IP address.

netstat -tnlp

linux service monitoring

You’re done monit alternatives linux linux service monitoring monit config location monit service without pid

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