Mount LVM Partition On a Directory On Redhat/Cent0S 7

Mount LVM Partition On a Directory On Redhat

In this article, we have added 1GB additional space in a raw disk just to show you how to increase and mount LVM. Let’s see, how to mount LVM partition from an external space disk. We can add a new disk and mount it on a directory in Linux.

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All LVM partition is virtually created from the raw disk and the benefit of doing that’s we can extend it later or reduce the size of LVM partition.

you have to select added disk using fdisk /dev/sdb and press ‘n‘ to create the new partition. 

mount directory on disk

Run partprobe command if you do not want to reboot the system.

mount directory linux

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Now you can see disk created /dev/sdb1

add new disk in linux

Now you have to format the disk before mounting it on the directory.

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1

Make a directory to mount

mkdir /test

vim /etc/fstab

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Now make an entry in /etc/fstab

Run this command to check if there’s an issue in fstab

mount –a

Mount LVM Partition

Now check there will be disk added.

df –h

mount external hard drive linux permanently

Now you can see disk partition /dev/sdb1 successfully mounted on /test

That’s it. mount directory on disk mount directory linux add new disk in linux mount disk in linux

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