How To Mount Same Volume To Multiple Container In Docker

Suppose, I have an apache container running and I need to create more apache containers using the same data volumes. The mounted drive name is dockerdata. We can use the same volume and mount it in a docker container. Let’s see, how to mount the same volume in a docker container.

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How To Mount Same Volume To Multiple In Docker:

First Apache Container:

docker run -itd --name apachecon -p 80:80 -v /root/dockerdata:/var/www/html/ 470671670cac /bin/bash
docker ps

docker volume mount

You can access the apache container using the below command and if you want to exit the container press ctrl+p+q otherwise the container would be stopped if you directly exist using exit command.

docker attach apachecon

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Once you’re inside the container, you can start apache service using /sbin/httpd -D start

mount same volume docker

Now it’s time to test the apache website hosting.

cd /var/www/html/
echo " testing website " > index.html

you can find the IP address using ip a or ipconfig command and then run curl

docker use same volume

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Check the index.html file exist on your mount point and I’m also able to access the website outside the container.

volume use in container

Everything is working perfectly and I will create a new apache container using the same mount volume.

 docker run -itd --name apachecon1 -p 81:80 -v /root/dockerdata:/var/www/html/ 470671670cac /bin/bash

Create a directory inside /var/www/html using mkdir test.

I’m able to store data in the same mounted directory for all the running containers.

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As you see both containers are running.

You’re done docker volume mount volume use in container

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